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How the Pogoplug software works

I recently bought a Pogoplug, nice gadget, works well, but was slow on my network. I’ve contacted Pogoplug support. And here is how they told me there software works. I think it’s important to know because I might not be the only one with a special network setup.

1. When the Pogoplug comes online it attempts to check in with our central service. The external IP address of the check-in is remembered as well as the internal IP address.
2. When you start the Desktop Application and it checks in with our service, we compare the IP address of this request with the remembered external Pogoplug IP address. If they do not match, the service establishes a tunnel between the two and itself, and all traffic goes via the service.
3. If our service finds the external IP addresses match, it will instruct the Desktop Application to talk to the Pogoplug directly, using the internal IP address reported by the Pogoplug when it checked in 
4. Therefore, if the external IP address of both the Pogoplug and the client are the same, yet the Pogoplug’s internal IP address cannot be reached by the client, no communication is possible and the Pogoplug or client should be moved into the same internal network¬†
5. For best results, the Pogoplug and the client should be on the same physical LAN as well as the same virtual subnet. They need to be able to route to each other. For big corporate LANs that use multiple internal subnets which all access the internet via the same internet connection, this is fine as long as the internal LANs can reach each other. Otherwise, again, no communication is possible
6. For users with multiple internet connections, if the Pogoplug checks in via a different internet connection (external IP) than the client, communication is possible but will travel over the internet entirely

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